The Behavior Support Specialist Certificate Program was developed by University of Arizona faculty John Umbreit, Ph.D., Jolenea Ferro, Ph.D., and Carl Liaupsin, Ed.D. (About Us)  It operates through a license officially granted by the University of Arizona. Instructors hold faculty rank in Special Education at the University of Arizona and have extensive experience in behavioral analysis, developing FBAs, and implementing function-based interventions.

The program is designed to deliver web-based, online training as continuing education for personnel who provide behavioral support in classrooms, schools, and related environments. The lessons and materials in the BSS Certificate program are uniquely designed to provide comprehensive instruction in behavioral support that teaches participants to effectively, independently, and appropriately apply these methods.

Participants earn CEUs for completing each course. Upon completion of all three courses, participants earn a Certificate as aBehavior Support Specialist. The Certificate identifies the participant as demonstrating proficiency in developing FBAs and function-based interventions.

This program has successfully trained school faculty to provide behavior support for groups and individual students for 8 years. (Testimonials) Participants progress through a series of three linked Courses addressing 21 competency areas and 90 competencies.

This program maintains compliance with all University of Arizona guidelines related to privacy and confidentiality. The course series also presents students with information and practical application of appropriate ethical standards regarding function-based intervention practices. Students in the course series are required to learn these ethical standards and apply them in their written assignments and their work with youth.